Safeguarding and Child Protection

Safeguarding the wellbeing of pupils is a responsibility of everyone who works in a school. At Burston Primary School we have a number of robust procedures to ensure that children are kept safe. The designated safeguarding lead at Burston is Mr Carlyle. The alternate designated safeguarding lead is Mrs Green at Tivetshall. The safeguarding IEB member is Mrs Emma Davies.

All staff receive regular safeguarding updates. We take any concerns about the wellbeing of a pupil extremely seriously and will treat any issue in accordance with our guidelines.  In this role we receive excellent support both from the Sapientia Education Trust and also Norfolk County Council.

In addition to the training that staff receive, pupils are taught about safeguarding through the curriculum and also national initiatives, for example those run by the NSPCC 

If you have any safeguarding concerns then do please speak to a member of staff.

Our safeguarding policy can be found here


Operation Encompass -At Burston Primary School we are working in partnership with Norfolk Constabulary and Norfolk Children’s Services to identify and provide appropriate support to pupils who have experienced domestic violence in their household; this scheme is called Operation Encompass. In order to achieve this, Norfolk Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub will share police information of all domestic incidents where one of our pupils has been present with the Designated Safeguarding Lead(s). On receipt of any information, the Designated Safeguarding Lead will decide on the appropriate support the child requires, this could be silent or overt. All information sharing and resulting actions will be undertaken in accordance with the ‘Norfolk Joint Agency Protocol for Domestic Abuse – Notifications to Schools’. We will record this information and store this information in accordance with the record keeping procedures outlined in this policy.


School Closure & Safeguarding

If you have any concerns regarding the safety and wellbeing of a child then please contact CADS.

CADS, the Children’s Advice and Duty Service is the service for people to raise a concern about the safety or welfare of a child.

What can you do as a member of the public if you have a concern?

If a member of the public, including a parent, wishes to speak to someone about a concern over a child, you can do this by phoning the customer service centre on 0344 800 8020.