Science at Burston

Science is a fundamental part of our school curriculum and all children at Burston Primary School are entitled to an outstanding science experience.

We wrote to some well-known scientists to inspire us…

Professor Jim Al-Khalili – physicist, TV presenter, author

To the pupils of Burston Primary School,

Your headteacher, Mr Carlyle, asked me to send you a brief message. I’m a professor of physics and also write books and present TV programmes about science, especially physics and astronomy.

When I was a boy I wanted to be an inventor and I wanted to be a footballer and I wanted to be a rock star. So, the usual stuff. Then I fell in love with science and I have been obsessed with trying to understand the Universe ever since. I spend my time thinking about and working on stuff like what atoms look like, whether space goes on forever, whether we will one day be able to travel back in time, how the Big Bang happened, what the inside of a black hole looks like and whether there is alien life on other planets.

When people ask me why I love science, I say that everybody starts off as a child curious about how the world works. But something happens to most people and they lose that curiosity – that sense of wonder about their surroundings. A scientist is someone who never stopped asking those ‘why?’ questions – you know, the ones you probably drive your parents and teachers mad with.

Never stop asking ‘why?’ and one day you can be a scientist too.


Professor Alice Roberts – scientist, TV presentor and author

“Science is about looking around you and wondering – how does that work? Why is the world like that? Where does it come from? And then working out a way to find the answer!

Good luck with all your science projects at Burston!”